NYU Alumni Magazine Spring 2010

Letter from the President

Each semester, as we gather engaging stories from alumni, faculty, and students for the next issue of NYU Alumni Magazine, we are usually forced to impose some limits on our coverage of arts and culture. The problem is NYU’s community is so rich in such pursuits that they can easily overrun these pages. However, in our Spring 2010 issue we’ve given in to this abundance. Sometimes you just can’t fight a good thing.

In this “Culture Issue,” as we’ve dubbed it, “Back From the Brink” offers a stroll through the historic development of the High Line, a park and architectural masterpiece that has thrilled tourists and natives alike since it opened a year ago on Manhattan’s West Side. “The Master’s New Gig” profiles Philippe de Montebello, the famed former director of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, on his debut in the classroom, while “The Vanishing Yezidi of Iraq” takes a rare look at an ancient minority culture now caught between a modern-day Scylla and Charybdis of religious and state violence.

But the focus on art, history, and style doesn’t end with the feature stories. In addition to our regular Culture section, this spirit has swept into other parts of the magazine, where readers will find stories on new modes of teaching both studio art and ancient studies, profiles of creative alumni, and our regular “Best of New York” column, which spotlights eclectic ideas on where to eat, shop, and play in the city.

As with all issues of the magazine, we hope this latest effort evokes readers’ curiosity, imagination, and inspiration. This is the aim of arts and culture and, ultimately, the mission of the university as well. Enjoy.

—John Sexton

Photo © Matthew Septimus